Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I saw my first robin

It's officially spring, I saw my first robin on Saturday which was not only St. Patrick's Day but also my husband's birthday. We had a cook out and camp fire which is not unusual for my husband, he'd grill outside in a blizzard, just about, and has camp fires whenever possible (like when the fire pit is not covered in snow and/or the wood isn't saturated).

I thought after almost 8 years in this house, the whole being able to have a fire in your backyard thing would've grown old but nope - I think my husband is a certified pyromaniac. To give him credit, he doesn't need a giant bonfire (although he'd probably do that if he could but city ordinances pr ohibit it and he does his best to stick to their parameters), he just likes to zone out to the flames. It's his chill zone (pardon the pun) or, as I think of it, his zen/meditation area.

As for grilling, he simply enjoys doing it, so he regularly cooks the main course for Saturday night dinner. I'm not complaining especially as he's quite good at it - no charcoal nugget burgers or extremely well done steaks for this guy. He even made some delicious beef ribs, which is difficult to do. Of course, I had to point out that the package called for marinading and pre-baking them in the oven (pork ribs you can just slap on the grill, beef ribs can be tough and are generally slow roasted/cooked). Yes, I discovered a cook buried deep within me not long after we bought this house. Before that, I was like my mom - I was a decent cook, but didn't like doing it. Now, as long as the kitchen is clean, I have a fair amount of ingredients and I'm in the right frame of mind (having a willing sous chef who will at least do the chopping, if not the clean up, helps) I can pretend to be a star on food network (although I have to cheer for myself when I add garlic). When I say I'm "concocting" something, my husband is happy, because my dishes generally turn out better when I'm being creative rather than following a single recipe (which I hardly ever do, except when I bake - baking is a science, one that I'm not that good at).

Wow, a whole post *not* about jewelry :O  I'll just say I'm in a pink and green stage at the moment.