Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Baching It

My husband is a union plumber/welder and is sent where ever there is work available. Last year we lucked out and he got to stay home so I sorta got used to having him around. Right now he is working in Lime, Ohio, which is about a 6 hour drive away. He was home this past weekend and had to visit all of his family members because his birthday is coming up which was an exhausting proposition for this introvert!

This coming weekend my son will be attending the State regionals for his high school BPA (Business Professionals of America) so I will be all by my lonesome. If my house was all clean and tidy I'd be very excited to just do nothing for the next 4 days (he leaves tomorrow from school) but since my house is never clean and tidy it will pretty much be business as usual except that I won't have to cook unless I really want to :) I can also monopolize our only bathroom which would be great if we had a real bathtub :p Still, I may squeeze my oversized body into our minute tub for a bath, we'll see.

First, I will have to make sure my son has everything he needs for his trip so I must do some laundry so his dress shirts are all fresh and clean. Since I did lots of laundry this past weekend (because my husband saved all of his dirty clothes just for me) I don't have much else that needs washed except for any of my comfy clothes because you can bet I will be in pajamas while I am alone. Oh, who am I kidding, I pretty much live in my PJs, lol.

Next I might actually get ALL of my dishes washed since I won't have to cook :o  The idea of that makes me somewhat giddy! I can clean the counters and they will pretty much stay that way until Sunday night - oh joy!

I also need to go to the grocery store, which I had to do anyway, to get myself lots of snacks (mostly healthy). As I think I've said before, I hate shopping, but if I get it done today by the time my son gets home from school he will unload the car for me - bonus!

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